Fortigate Engineering

So many local tech companies sell Fortinet products and pretend to be experts.  If you’re content with paying hundreds of dollars for an installation that doesn’t begin to cover what your investment can offer, then so be it.  If you want the best….

Fortigate firewalls offer industry leading fetaures and DBSINet offers the experience and expertise to help you use every last feature that they offer. So many companies buy these and use only a handful of the features. We want to help you get more out of your investment.

  • SD-WAN:  With two or more Internet connections, you can increase your performance and eliminate Internet outages.  Fortigate’s SD-WAN features offer instantaneous failover or load balancing across multiple links.
  • VPN Redundancy:  With Fortigate firewalls, there is no need to manually reroute VPNs due to a local or remote Internet outage.  Simply setup two VPNs with the proper supporting configuration, and your users will never know anythign happened.
  • BGP Routing:  Don’t reroute on your private or MPLS links.  BGP will automatically update the routing table to route around any problems.
  • Application filtering:  Facebook, gmail, Instrgram, Dropbox – these are all examples of applications on the Internet that people use.  Rather than trying unsuccessfully to block (or allow) URLs and IP addresses, the Fortigatge’s built in application filtering allows you to have specific control over what resources your users can access.
  • Web filtering:  Using a subscription based database, the Fortigate firewall can have policies based on a URL category (high bandwidth, banking, adult sites, PTP, etc.).
  • AD integrated policies:  Control access based on a user’s active directory group membership.
  • AD Authenticated Wifi:  Using FortiAPs, the Fortigate firewall can authenticate wifi connections based on AD.  Not only will you have better tracking over who is doing what, but there is no need to make everyone change their Wifi password when an employee is terminated.

DBSINet has implemented these features and many more across the 1000+ units that we have serviced.  We offer time/materials, project-based, or contractual arrangements to help you get the most out of your Fortinet gear.